What does the + mean to me?

Natalie Raja

Collaboration + working together is the equation of our time; At NMD+ we like to call it the new renaissance. The world has changed - the way we work and do business is now profoundly different. Financial services underpin societies & can be a positive force for good. NMD+ look to help financial institutions navigate the ‘new normal’; how to affect positive change for customers, how to remain human in a digital world and not least how to stay profitable in a low-cost environment.

My + is all about asking the question ‘what can I give to affect real positive change?’ From small everyday acts of kindness to making time to work with some of society’s most vulnerable women.

What does the + mean to me?

Mark Caudell

For me, the + is about breaking free of the same old ways of doing things to find more meaning and value in our digital interactions. It’s about REALLY understanding how people want to manage their finances and household to enable positive change in their lives. It’s about finding new spaces where we can add value with our colleagues and partners to businesses and their user communities. Finally, it’s recognition that NMD+ is more than just us; it’s us + you - you the business, you the charity, you the product/service and most importantly, you the person.

My + is all about bringing design thinking through creativity and innovation to affect positive change in the lives of people.

What does the + mean to me?

Dave Wallace

The + represents adding value and doing that in the most positive way possible. I recognise that I can only do so much and need others to augment my skills and make so much more of what I can offer. I see colleagues as partners for success, and I want them to feel we have added to their employee experience and career goals.

This logic also applies to the business. To achieve the outcomes we want, we will need to collaborate with other companies to add value to what we do. I passionately believe that the + must apply to the finance industry. How can we help it to be more inclusive and provide education, support, advice and value for money?